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 Dionaea muscipula

our breeding program and own clones

We are specialists in propagation of Venus Fly Trap plants!

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Clone A21

Clone A28

Clone A55

Clone ARPC

Clone B1

Clone B5

Clone B8

Clone C02

Clone D01

Clone D05

Clone D10

Clone D15

Clone E02

Clone F02

Clone F03

Clone F04

Clone F05

Clone F12

Clone G02

Clone H02

Clone H05

Clone H06

Clone H09

Clone H13

Clone H15

Clone H25

Clone H52

Clone H53

Clone M03

Clone M05

Clone M06

Clone M07

Clone M 19

Clone M21

Clone M22

Clone M24

Clone MIX08

Clone MIX14

Clone MIX 15

Clone X08

Clone X11

Clone X13

Clone Y06

Clone Y07

Clone Y09

Clone Z02

Clone Z03

Clone Z04

Clone Z06

Clone Z07

Clone Z08

Clone Z09

Clone Z10

Dingley Giant

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